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      Husband & Wife is a specialty store in a niche market that continues to boom in spite of the recession mind-set that scares away potential business owners.  Now is the perfect time to start your Husband & Wife business.  Everything is on sale, from your basic marketing needs to your actual location and store fixtures.  Everybody is motivated to earn your business in a down market.  Anybody that we would consider competition is in a slump right now as well and that gives us a unique advantage.  We have positioned ourselves by offering what no other adult store does... a classy, romantic atmosphere without graphic images and offensive material. Our business attracts every couple that has ever tied the knot and every couple that is preparing to.  Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Wedding Nights, Honeymoons, Birthdays and 'Just Because' Days keep people coming back again and again.  The best part about our repeat customers is that they bring their friends along because they are not afraid to refer them to Husband & Wife because of the integrity we have in selecting our products and lingerie.
Sexy and classy, tasteful and fun, Husband & Wife is changing the adult novelty store "for the better."  At least our customers seem to think so.
"I would rather drive the 2 1/2 hours that it takes to get to Husband & Wife than shop at any of the half-dozen or so stores that I pass on the way there.  My marriage is worth it!" - Emily J.
The time to take control of your future is now! Your time is now!  Low start-up costs and high returns are just a few things that attract entrepreneurs to the Husband & Wife opportunity.  Owning a Husband & Wife is more fun than you can ever imagine!  Open your store within a matter of weeks to months and get the full support of Husband & Wife owners, Chris and Jackie.  "We'll be there as you set up, as you open on your first day and as your business grows over the years.  We'll be there every step of the way because in the Husband & Wife family we are only successful when everbody wins." 
Welcome to the family!
Click through the Franchise Opportunity section on this page and contact our Franchise Director today at (801) 756-5683.